Flat Cakes!

Cakes, cakes, cakes!

I’ve always had an interest in cake and cupcake decorating. Not only do I love to bake them and think up all types of flavor combinations, but I’ve learned a lot of tricks along the way!

One thing I learned pretty fast was that if you want to stack cake layers, they need to be flat. Kind of obvious… Really what I realized about this was that I was tired of baking a cake and having to cut off the top because it didn’t bake flat. Sometimes I felt like I was having to cut off almost half of the cake just to get it flat enough! My family didn’t mind the extra cake they got to sneak out of the kitchen, but I knew there had to be a way to not end up with a cake that was half the size it could be.

After trying a few different methods, I finally found one that worked every time and left my cakes so level I didn’t have to cut any off the top at all!

*enter singing angels*

how to bake flat cakes

Here’s how simple it is. All you need is an old towel and a safety pin…. Yep. That’s it. Just two simple household objects and your cakes will turn out perfect every time. The only thing is you’ll want to make sure the towel is one you won’t mind cutting up. You can either recycle an old one or buy a cheap one from a thrift store.

The first step is to fit the towel to the cake pan. Wrap it around, find a good length and cut the towel into one long strip.

To use the towel strip, just get it wet and squeeze the extra water out. It should still be pretty full of water, but not dripping. Put the towel around the cake pan and use the safety pin to hold it in place. Simply bake the cake as usual and watch the magic happen!

I’ve been using this trick ever since I found it! I love that something so simple can make a huge difference. I use this every time I bake a cake now. I hope you’ll give it a try. You won’t regret it!

how to bake flat cake layers

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